ExcelliPrint Feature-packed IPDS Printing Solution

Printing with ExcelliPrint, mainframe and AS/400 users can use a Windows-based printer to print IPDS/AFP-based print jobs or they can write the files to disk in a variety of formats.

ExcelliPrint® is IPDS printing software designed for users who want more choice in selecting print destinations and output types in their IPDS and AFP™ environments. ExcelliPrint runs on Windows NT®-based computers including Windows 2000 and 2003, and AS/400® and mainframe IPDS users can rest assured that it supports all towers of the IPDS architecture.

ExcelliPrint preserves the advanced presentation features of AFP, while allowing you to spool print data to any Windows-based printer. With the ability to accept IPDS print requests from IBM iSeries™ and zSeries® computers over TCP/IP, the ExcelliPrint is a drop-in replacement for any expensive IPDS printer. Because ExcelliPrint is software, it allows users to bypass expensive printing environments and take advantage of lower-cost desktop printers and common file formats.

  • Support for all IPDS Towers
  • Convert to Other Formats
  • IPDS Print-to-file Archiving
  • Secure Web Interface
  • User-friendly Browser-based Interface
  • Multiple Simultaneous Connections
  • More features, LESS cost than our competitors
  • Driver-independent Printing
  • AFP (IPDS & AFPDS) and SCS to PDF
  • Role-based Administration
  • Spooled IPDS File Management
  • IBM iSeries Device Management
  • Support for Multiple Output Destinations
  • Runs as a Windows Service

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IPDS AFP Enhanced Printing Features

Converting AFP to PDF: Choose whether to spool your mainframe/mid-range AFP data to any Windows-based printer or save the jobs to file.

Spooled file management: A convenient and efficient interface to manage spooled files with no need for additional software to release your IPDS spooled files.

Role-based administration: Choose from a variety of levels of administrative privilege fitting your company's security needs.

Browser-based interface: Make changes to your devices and jobs within your existing Web browser for quick and easy viewing your setup, devices, log, and more.

Runs as a Windows service: The application receives print jobs without requiring a Windows user to be logged in to the computer where ExcelliPrint is running.

Supports multiple output devices: ExcelliPrint supports one or multiple output devices. ExcelliPrint incorporates a sophisticated archiving function normally found in high-end solutions.

Secure Web interface: ExcelliPrint's embedded Web server supports SSL and does not require Apache or IIS to be installed. Because we use SSL, sensitive information remains protected.

Multiple simultaneous connections: ExcelliPrint accepts data on multiple connections on a single port without delays and supports multiple ports. As a result, you can consolidate multiple IPDS printers without server-side modifications.

Print-to-file archiving: You can save the converted IPDS output to a network storage unit, a Windows share, or your own PC. This gives you the ability to archive and manage your print jobs.

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