INTELLIscribe Feature-packed LPR Print Client

INTELLIscribe® is an LPR (Line Print Request) Client that resides on a Windows® platform. INTELLIscribe provides a robust, economical alternative to centralized spooling by using Internet protocols. Print from a remote site by creating a virtual printer within INTELLIscribe and print to any IP addressable device!

INTELLIscribe provides the ability to spool jobs to any AS/400, UNIX, Windows-based system, or hardware print device without a network server. In addition, system resources on your network server are freed up, allowing your server to concentrate on other tasks.

  • Shared Printing
  • Round Robin Printing
  • Destination Balancing
  • Drag & Drop Printing
  • Fail-Over Printing
  • Broadcast / Multicast Printing
  • Advanced User-Interface
  • Reduced Demand on Server
  • Easy Reprint
  • History and Archiving
  • Command-Line Interface
  • Service Locator Protocol

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INTELLIscribe's LPR Printing Process

  • INTELLIscribe spools the print job to the destination(s) configured in the "Virtual Printer Port". Almost any TCP/IP addressable printer or print server will work.
  • A user prints a file from any application to a Windows printer. This printer is configured to print through INTELLIscribe.
  • INTELLIscribe then intercepts the print job from the Windows spooler. Using this method allows INTELLIscribe to print to virtually any type of printer without affecting either the application or the Windows print manager.
  • Using the print driver, the application formats the data specifically for the printer. When finished, the formatted print file is placed in the Windows print manager, commonly called the spooler.
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