RPM Remote Print Manager LPD Print Server

RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) is feature-packed, Windows-based LPD print server designed expressly for Windows® platforms. RPM installs on Window's platforms giving you the power to customize & control processing of print jobs received over a TCP/IP network.

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RPM opens the door to TCP/IP printing without the additional costs of expensive hardware printers or hardware network setups. RPM has been tested through time and 1000's of satisfied users, you'll have the most up-to-date software for your print management but will not have the overhead and maintenance upkeep.

RPM allows you to easily print your files to disk for easy file storage or file manipulation. When printing to file (from a mainframe or any host system), RPM includes duplicate filename handling, filenames using job data such as date and time, user, job title, etc., plus options identified by key third-party integrators.

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RPM's Print Queues offer Flexibility

RPM Print Queue Features

Text Printing Queues

RPM provides text formatting not found in any other print server. The text queue supports printing from the host system to unsupported PC print devices. Text printing sets RPM apart from all LPD products.

Raw Printing Queues

RPM passes raw information from the host system to the PC print queue. RPM processes print data without modification as if the printer was connected directly to the host system through a parallel or serial connection.

Filter Processing Queues

Incoming data can written to a file for archiving or other purposes. RPM checks for duplicate filenames before saving and has many file naming options. RPM can be configured to open print data in other applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, or other programs.

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